Solve Your Health Challenges for Your Most Empowered Life
Holistic and sustainable answers that you won't find in traditional Western medicine.
Health programs only help if you know how to use them
Getting accurate information comes from knowing what generates sustainable, empowered health free of chronic infection, disease or other health concerns. Part of that is what your genetic makeup reveals and having the expertise to interpret the best plan for you.
Programs designed around you
Your genetics and microbiome are unique, and so should the program to address your specific health needs. From diet, to supplements and movement, you program will be customized for you.
Get 1:1 Expert Coaching 
Changing what you eat, and incorporating other practices are key to success in health. What makes the real difference is coaching for your specific questions and challenges that can come up along the way.
See Results in 90 Days
While great health is a journey, you can begin to see results in as little as 90 days, sometimes less based on your health issue and your commitment to the proven strategies and plans.
Don't go at this alone looking for answers that aren't specific to you.
Going at it on your own can have it's benefits, but it is an often lonely road without clear answers. Search engines like Google and Bing are great in finding superficial answers, but they don't know you and your genetic makeup.

Whether you reach out to explore what your best optimal health can look like, or you connect with a friend, remember more possibilities show up in conversation with others.

With Evocentrix, you'll access over 20 years of experience to help you on your path.
The Wisdom of Chinese and Functional Medicine converge

"What hasn't been taught in mainstream Western medicine reveals the biggest breakdown in how we approach our health. The frameworks, research and empirical evidence when bringing Chinese and Functional Medicine together often produce far greater and more sustainable results for your health than Western medicine.

- Luke Tera

Founder, Evocentrix, LLC

Start you path to the best health ever
in less than 1 week.
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Our formula is simple but so very powerful
Comprehensive Health Assessment
With a complete health background, you will get specific labs to get the most comprehensive assessment that you will not get with most medical professionals. This assessment serves as the starting point of our roadmap together.
Develop an Individualized Plan for the next 90 days
From your comprehensive health assessment, and what health concerns you are committed to address, you'll get an individualized plan for the 90 days you're in the program, and beyond.
Implement Your Plan with customized diet, supplements and coaching
A plan usually entails steps as part of a process to follow within certain timeframes. Those steps will be unique to your own health situation to give you the most optimal health outcome possible.
Proven strategies and practices with decades of research and results to back it up
You'll get the strategies and practices used by 1000's of people all over the world, and that are only now becoming recognized as the purest form of healing and optimizing health.
Some of our biggest fans
Here's what people like you and others have to say.
  • Ellen K. 

    "Working with Luke over the past 7 years has positively impacted my health and the health of my family time and time again. My family has worked with Luke on everything from chronic back pain to weight loss to depression management and hormone regulation."

  • Michael Pottern

    With Evocentrix, I was able to work through insomnia, cortisol stimulation, issues with skin and other health processes that were off.

  • Michael Pottern shares his experience with Evocentrix

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